Services - Visualisation
Articulating our vision for design

As architects, we have the talent to effectively communicate our vision and design by using visual media.

We use different visualisation techniques and styles. Our dedicated team have become experts in establishing parity between artistic flair and technical application, to provide outstanding photo-realistic and contextual computer-generated images and virtual models.

In addition to these images and models, we create video content and immersive experiential representations, which often support planning applications and marketing promotions. They can be combined with virtual reality and screen navigation. We can also offer 3D printed models to convey ideas.

Our ground-level graphics represent accurate views from specifically defined points, but we’re increasingly using drones to create aerial images of sites. Through this media we create physical footage combined with virtual models to form before and after and transitional content.

When required, we can provide a visualisation service independently and/or work alongside existing design and project teams.