Services - Executive Architecture
Delivering technical excellence

One of our main strengths is technical delivery specialising in the delivery of large, complex projects. 

Our ability to develop pragmatic technical design solutions which are honest to the design vision enables us to build positive working relationships with concept designers whilst also meeting the needs of design and build contractors. 

We’ve a track record of more than 45 years, during which we’ve detailed and completed buildings on site for a wide range of clients.

We employ robust work processes and systems, combined with the latest technologies, applications and software, to ensure that the technical implementation of buildings is effective and practical but most importantly that we maintain quality in the architectural integrity of the design.

Our thorough knowledge is based on a full understanding of every aspect of the continuously evolving methods of construction. At the same time we explore and embrace new ways of building, especially through modern methods with off site manufactured systems.

Finally, efficiency results from our focus on cost management, process control and risk management. We’re confident in adding value to projects in all these areas.