Services - Design
Designing successful solutions

Our skill is to design places that matter to people. We’ve developed this ability through extensive education and experience.

For us, a successful building responds to its functional needs, purpose and context. We determine this by analysing individual needs, user experience and a contextually responsive aesthetic. As a result, our design is underpinned by a clear understanding of, and a focus on, people’s experience of movement and space.

At the same time, a successful building should be a balanced composition of proportion, form and materials – enjoyable and legible in terms of appreciation and look.

Finally, the design and construction of such a building should appropriately respond to the brief, within the defined commercial parameters and demands on the building during its lifetime.

Our approach is to design buildings, which are aspirational, but realistic so that they can be constructed, are technically feasible and remain commercially viable. Our design flair is unrestrained, but we ensure that each project is sensitive to its specific needs and objectives.