Boundary Corner

Bramall Lane, Sheffield

This scheme aims to deliver 45 apartments and a new Sheffield United Club Shop on the corner of Cherry Street and Shoreham Street. The site has planning permission for 39 apartments and there is a desire to add an impressive Sheffield United Club Shop on the ground floor. 


Sheffield United Plc 

Project Value 
£5.75 million

Site Area
2,851 sq.m

Planning Submitted 
February 2017 

Working with Sheffield United Plc, we are seeking to develop the Cherry Street / Shoreham Street corner at Bramall Lane stadium. We have submitted a planning application for a four storey largely residential building, Boundary Corner, which will feature forty five apartments and a new Club retail outlet.

Planners have already welcomed the principle of a residential led development in the location, where a strong, contemporary architectural proposal has been designed. The plans seek to deliver a development that is both a building of significance and one that compliments the neighbouring terraced dwelling houses.

Our work on this scheme follows on from other successful projects we have completed at Bramall Lane such as the Westfield Corner Stand and Copthorne Hotel.