Practice - History
Celebrating our rich heritage with a new modern identity

Our recent rebrand to Whittam Cox Architects tells of a whole new chapter in our story. We’re still firmly focused on balancing technical precision, commercial reality and thoughtful, impactful design but wanted our new brand to be as straight talking as we are. 

Whittam Cox Architects tells you up front who we are and what we’re here to do. We’re real approachable people you can sit down and work with; architects committed to our craft and dedicated to design for over 45 years.

Our practice was founded in 1972 in Dronfield, North Derbyshire, by Jeff Whittam and Derek Cox. The partnership was later joined by Tim Cocker. It connected in 1985 with the Brighton firm of Cedric Ellis and Burt Clayton, under the name Whittam Cox Ellis Clayton.

During the early 1990s the two companies separated and a new generation of ownership emerged with Alex Wall, Ashley Turner and James Kemp. When they took over during the early 2000s, the practice became known as WCEC Architects.

In 2014 the partnership was incorporated as WCEC Group Limited to enable the enlarged business to operate more effectively, with broader management and equity ownership.

By 2016 our company had successfully entered new sectors and geographical regions, enjoying further growth. As part of an ongoing strategic assessment, it was decided that rebranding was appropriate to create a strong identity that reflects the company as it operates today – a modern, dynamic and progressive practice.

The new brand also celebrates our beginnings. In fact, one of the elements that contributes to our unique identity is a strong family heritage. Today, relations of Jeff Whittam, Tim Cocker, Alex Wall and James Kemp have full-time roles in the practice.

Operating from our headquarters in the Sheffield City Region with studios in London and Leeds, we currently employ over 140 talented and committed individuals who define our strengths. They’re managed by Alex Wall, Ashley Turner, Dave Savage, Nick Riley and Andrew Dabbs at board level, with other shareholding directors in leadership roles here.